Lyon Research is a full-service research company offering professional research in archives, libraries, museums and US. Government departments and agencies. We specialize in research at the US. National Archives, the Library of Congress, and various military and museum repositories. We can perform Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA) in order to get the most current documents for your projects.

Our Clients:
Authors, attorneys, private investigators, defense contractors, news organizations, publishers, genealogists and veterans. In addition to the needs of these clients, we can also fulfill a wide variety of other research needs.

What We Offer:
As professional researchers, we understand how to navigate the labyrinth of records and facilities to find what you are looking for. We know the librarians and the archivists. Chances are, we are familiar with the record groups you are interested in. We can efficiently locate and copy the records you need and get them to you.¬ We can convert documents into word files that can be searched by keyword.¬  We can reproduce film and still picture images.

Lyon Research produces results that provide you with the details you need and documents that add credibility to your project.

Did a family member serve in the military?  Do you want to know what he or she did? We can find unit records and reports that describe the battles he or she was in.¬  We can obtain the veteran‚s 201 file.  We can locate copies of citations and photos.To To View the military records of Jame von Brunn Click Here




We can meet all of your research needs.