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  • We get Certified Copies of both Long and Short forms.   We also obtain copies of your discharge from the reserves and your discharge certificate if applicable.
  • DD214ís are not online. 
  • Lyon Research has obtained more DD214ís than any other company in the world and we have been obtaining records full time longer than any other company. We have obtained more than 10,000 military records.
  • Our Fee includes all shipping costs. Other companies charge more than us plus after you have placed an order with them they ask you how you want it shipped. You would end up paying them substantially for what we delivery every day.
  • When Gov. Agencies are in a hurry, they hire Lyon Research to get DD214ís. We have researchers obtaining DD214ís from dozens of facilities across the country. Because of that, we know how to locate records better than any Gov. agency.  That is why they call us.

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We copy your official discharge or DD214 from your file and have the government place a certification on it. We get it faster than all other companies because our researchers go copy your record in person.

Our Researchers have obtained thousands and thousands of DD214ís and complete personnel files.  We know military records better than anyone else.
We can also search unit records to obtain descriptions of battles that a veteran participated in.

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