If you never received you Discharge Certificate, it may be located in Your 201 file. Originally your Discharge Certificate was mailed to your Home of Record.  If the Post Office returned it, then the military retires it with your personnel file.  If you place an order for a DD214, or a copy of your complete file, we will also automatically send you your original Discharge Certificate, if it is in your file. 

Unfortunately you cannot replace your Discharge Certificate

You can have a printer reproduce one that look very similar to the ones you earned.  Here is a link to Citation Express.  They produce excellent reproductions of many military certificates. This site is owned by Bob Neener a decorated Vietnam Vet who produces some of the best quality certificates available. 

Due to recent legislation you cannot legally obtain  privately printed awards, such as Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star etc. 
You can have Plaques and other medal displays made.

If you would like something similar to those displayed below, we recommend you visit CJM  Military Certificates.   CJM is owned and operated by Cory Mathews a W.W.II combat veteran and inspiration to everyone with a strong work ethic! Click on this link to visit his site and see what he has to offer.   These plaques make great gifts and quickly and beautifully summarize the service of any Veteran   CJM  Military Certificates.